June 12, 2014 2 comments

Having read this morning’s press on the reaction to JK Rowling’s donation, I want to make it clear that I have nothing but contempt for those who posted some of the stuff that’s been quoted. Social media can do great things, but when it’s abused by cretins, it can be anti-social in the extreme. A few years ago, I was on the end of some of that stuff, courtesy of that mighty organ, the Daily Mail; I reported it to the police straight away. My only regret was in my inability to sue the Mail for providing the platform. This morning I’ve edited a comment on this blog. There was nothing obscene about it, and most likely it was tongue in cheek, but I felt that it crossed a line. Recently the courts have started cracking down on cyber-abusers. That’s a good start, but if they could find the facilitators equally guilty, by association, that would be even better.

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The rich what gets the pleasure …

June 11, 2014 7 comments

So, JK Rowling has donated £1 million to Better Together. So what?

If I’d sold as many books, movies, memorabilia as she has, I’d donate a million to Yes, but I haven’t so all I can do is give it my support and declare that on September 18, I’ll cast my vote in favour of an independent Scottish Nation.

However I do have one thing to say to JK, before we cancel each other out at the polling station. A few weeks ago I did an event in Waterstone’s Sauchiehall Street store. I had a few minutes in hand,so I went for a wander, and was appalled to realise how downmarket the famous old thoroughfare has become. I saw poverty, depression and despair, and worse of all I saw resignation in people’s eyes. I doubt if too many of the folk I observed that day have been sampled by the pollsters. The good news is, they all have a vote.

I must admit that a small voice at the back of my head whispered, ‘Do I really want to be part of this?’ A few seconds later it was countered by a louder, angry voice that declared, ‘Too bloody right I do! This decline is the direct result of Westminster economic policy that has centralised more and more of Scotland’s wealth in and around London, and the already prosperous South East. The only way to reverse it is for our nation to become fully responsible for its own affairs.’

When I make my cross on that paper in three months, I won’t be doing it for myself alone, but for hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of my fellow Scots, whose hopes, aspirations and basic human rights have been ignored for too long by people who are still working against them. When I vote ‘Yes for Scotland!’ that’s exactly what I’ll mean. Those who are seduced by the dishonestly labelled ‘Better together’ crew will be voting for continued deprivation and social decline, and for the continuation of the system that has brought it about.

Is that what your million is meant to achieve, Joanne? If so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, for your wealth has been created largely by the affluent metropolitan class that has become rich itself at the expense of a truly fair and balanced society, where nobody is abandoned and left with nothing to do but bounce between the bookie and the boozer.

Whatever Alastair Darling’s advertising agency does with that million … and I hope most fervently it pisses it against the wall … already it has done one remarkable thing. It has taken an affluent, acquisitional bloke who’s seen himself as slightly conservative for all of his almost seven decades, and who’s never voted Labour in his life, and it’s made him realise that just like his old man, he’s a socialist at heart.

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Hands off

June 10, 2014 2 comments

Big mistake by Hibs in sacking Terry Butcher. I suspect that their new CEO is planning a raid on Motherwell, with a view to stealing Stuart McCall. That’s been done before, with Eck McLeish, who promptly got Hibs relegated. Take care, Ms Dempster.

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Pause for breath

Jordi Maso and Dom Abernethy, (l-r), part of the powerhouse that drives Arrel de Vi, the annual St Marti wine fair.

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The art of wine

Arrels de Vi, the annual St Marti wine fair is now under way,  until it closes tomorrow evening, Sunday June 8.

Go if you can, and when you do don’t miss out on a range of unique painted ceramic wine coolers, the work of the celebrated Spanish artist, Manolo Sierra; I’m lucky enough to be able to call him a friend.

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Until tonight, I was a big Obama fan.

Tomorrow, I burn the T-shirt. I never had him down as an Imperialist, as another Bush, but he is.

However, his betrayal of democracy will have a silver lining. In doing his chum Dave a favour, he has misunderstood one thing, that Scotland as a nation, the place where the Polaris nuclear subs were dumped, until the US made Tridents replaced them, is anti-American and anti-Imperialist in its soul, a position that will be underlined by his interference in our affairs.

Hear this, Mr President: ‘Yes, we will!’

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Thanks to Shirl and David for a very nice evening. Down the hill next time.

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