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October 24, 2014 Leave a comment

The Early Years, Vol 2: Tom Waits

Rex doesn’t get it yet ‘cos he’s only eight months old, but one day he will, I promise.

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October 24, 2014 Leave a comment

I’d never heard the word ‘Rabona’ till last night, although I’ve seen the trick done by a few top-class footballers before Lamela’s “wonder” goal last night for Spurs. I am still struggling to work out how any human can do that without falling on his arse.

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On Fire

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I am something of a geek. If it’s out there I’ll buy it. This month’s acquisition is a thing called Amazon Fire TV. It’s their version of Apple TV, but it’s easier to use and lets you access all the music you’ve ever bought from Amazon, plus pics etc. Crucially it lets you access Netflix as well as Amazon Prime. So far it’s a winner.

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And the Best Actor is . . .

October 21, 2014 4 comments

Oscar was never better named.

He did it, no question, even if he did get a ‘Not proven’ verdict on the murder charge. He turned into a Quentin Tarantino character and started blazing away at a door knowing there was someone behind it. All through the trial I waited for the prosecution to hammer away at the key questions:

‘When you heard the noise, why did it not occur to you to  check whether your girlfriend was still in bed beside you?’

‘When you heard the noise, why did it not occur to you to ask Reeva if she’d heard it too?’

‘When you got out your gun, why did it not occur to your to turn and say to Reeva, “Stay here while I investigate.”?’

Of all of it, that’s the part I don’t understand, and that’s where reasonable doubt must kick in.

In all the circumstances, five years for shooting and killing your girlfriend, most of it to be served under ‘house arrest’, seems like the deal of the day.

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Age gap

October 20, 2014 3 comments

I’m not a big Strictly fan . . . that is an understatement . . . but I happened to catch the end of the results programme last night. It featured, to my astonishment, the duetting Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

I like Lady G even less than I like Strictly, but Tony Bennett could make anyone sound good. The remarkable thing about the pairing is not that someone thought to put them together, but that when his partner, now 28, was born, Mr B was already sixty years old.

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Black and white

October 18, 2014 Leave a comment

Dipped into the unwatched BluRay pile last night, and pulled out ‘Nebraska’. Bruce Dern has been on most people’s ‘What ever happened to ….?’ list for years, but not any more. It’s the best thing he’s ever done; too bad it took him 55 years.

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Gay swop

October 18, 2014 3 comments

I have had a brainwave. How to turn The Apprentice from an unpleasant spectacle into  a global chart-topper. Fire the bully that is Alan Sugar and replace him with Graham Norton.

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