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Today’s playlist

March 16, 2018 5 comments

This morning’s backing tracks are by Amanda Marshall. Where have you gone, woman? Get back in the studio, please, and make more stuff like ‘Dark Horse’ and ‘I’ll be Okay’

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Random thoughts

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March 15, 2018 3 comments

Yesterday I attended the first of what we all intend to be a series of lunchtime gatherings. Eight survivors of the Thursday Legends (check-out the Skinner title of that name) got together in the Nether Abbey, North Berwick, for the senior citizen menu, a few beers and a general update. Great time, great times, and we are agreed that our successors aren’t a patch on us.

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Music while I create: I’ve built myself a Hugh Masekela playlist on Amazon Music. Although he spent some of his life exile, Hugh was prolific.  If I chose I could listen to him   for just short of 24 hours.

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Me and Amy

Moved on from Keeping Faith, I’ve built myself an entire Amy Wadge playlist. She’s  been keeping Sir Robert and me company all afternoon.

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Today’s music choice.

Keeping Faith – Amy Wadge. This is a short album of music from the BBC Wales TV drama of the same name that I’m currently watching via the iPlayer. Both of them come highly recommended. At the moment I’m at episode 3; that torn-faced lady DI has issues that go beyond the job, that’s all I’m saying.

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Music while I work

Today it’s Clifton Chenier. If you’ve forgotten who he was, or you never knew, he’s worth a refresher.

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Abuse of privilege

I don’t know what happened with the Sky cycle squad, nor do I care too much. But I do care that any body or anybody can be pilloried by a group of MPs without any obvious form of legal redress. Commons committees are meant to scrutinise Government, not to throw rocks at national heroes from a position of safety.

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