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TV ads I hate

February 22, 2023 2 comments

We Buy Any Car

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There’s nowt as …

February 22, 2023 4 comments

The media, and the irrelevance that is John Swinney, are insisting that Kate Forbes has destroyed herself by opening up about her religious views, which are, let’s say, traditionalist. However the media will not have votes in the SNP leadership election, and Swinney will only have one. What does the silent majority believe? We’ll find out when their votes are cast.

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He’s back

February 21, 2023 2 comments

Finally, after much technical wrangling, Resurrection Man, the complete collection of short stories that chronicle the disappearance of the not so late Oz Blackstone, is available in the Amazon Kindle store.

And Tom is in it too. The precursor to a new series? You never know, I have a hankering to go back to St Marti.

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Alexander Armstrong

February 18, 2023 Leave a comment

We have a few stupid laws in Scotland but the worst is the one that won’t let a supermarket sell alcohol until 10am.

I don’t know why. Does anyone else?

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The manner of her going

February 15, 2023 1 comment

I do not belong to Nicola Sturgeon’s party but my admiration for her as a politician has grown throughout her time in office as First Minister.

That was underlined today by the manner of her resignation announcement. It was eloquent, dignified and above all graceful. When set alongside the departures of recent UK Prime Ministers, the contrast could not be greater.

Love her or hate her she’ll be a hard act to follow.

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Tin lid

February 3, 2023 1 comment

Very few TV commercials achieve longevity. I reckon that the new Amazon ad will prove to be one of those. Lovely, just lovely

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Go for it

February 3, 2023 Leave a comment
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No kidding

February 1, 2023 2 comments

I am in the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion in Edinburgh. One name on the notice board jumped out at me.

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