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Football is in danger from the people who run it.

September 18, 2009

I caught the end of the Everton and Athens game last night. This six officials thing is absolute bollocks. It used to be that we had one ref, and two linesmen whose job was to stick their flags up, end of story. Last night an Athens player was sent off not by the referee, but by a linesman who saw something that was not apparent to anyone else in the ground. The same partially sighted referee did see Saha flap a hand at JuanFran, who then went down like Jane Seymour’s drawers for just long enough to the idiot to whip out a red card, then bounced back to his feet. However neither he nor the superflous tosser behind the goals seemed to notice JuanFran kicking Saha. If I’d been Saha, I’d have taken the guy into the car park afterwards and kicked the shit out of him. In the Liverpool of Shankly’s time Tommy Smith or Ron Yeats would have taken care of that chore, and I’m sure Everton had their enforcers as well. None of the officials paid any attention either to JuanFran’s three previous attempts to have Everton players sent off, by initiating contact and then going down like he’d been slashed. If a guy tried that in Scottish minor football even today, he’d be taken to hospital shortly afterwards and the ref wouldn’t have seen a thing. Having six officials is a bad idea from the start. Having six officials when half of them are useless, compounds matters, and endangers the very fabric of the game.

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