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Dave Davison

October 14, 2009

Sadly, Dave, the Queen’s Hotel in Gullane is no longer trading.  After a brief and unsuccessful period as The Templar Lodge, it closed, and has lain derelict for several years, thanks to the local council’s obduracy in refusing to grant a change of use to potential developers. Although consent has now been given, the present owner has been slow to start the project, no doubt citing ‘the economic climate’. Although that whole area is listed, the building has been allowed to become a scar on an otherwise attractive village. Do powers exist to compel owners of such properties to show them some care and attention? I don’t know, but if not they bloody well should.

As for the Empuries Greco-Roman ruins, you would be surprised by the lack of commercialisation attached to the site, for all that it attracts thousands of visitors, all year round. The site is very well run, very patiently excavated, and very well presented. (A remarkable contrast with the old Queen’s Hotel!)

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