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Lynda McLachlan

December 16, 2009

Thanks, Lynda. I’m sorry that you’re having difficulty in getting hold of Fatal Last Words through your local store. Actually, I’m more than sorry. I’m downright angry, and here’s why. A few months ago a decision was taken by my publisher’s parent company to replace the excellent McArthur  & Company of Toronto, as Canadian distributor of Headline and other titles, with a new, wholly owned, subsidiary, Hachette Canada. This has ripped up the close personal relationships with Kim McArthur and her colleagues that I and my fellow authors have built up over the years, but we’re nowhere near group board decisions, and no-one asked us whether we thought this was a good idea, or bothered to explain to us why it was being done.

The new arrangement takes effect on January 1, and as far as I can tell, while there were a few copies of FLW in Toronto at the time of the International Festival of Authors, (you may still be able to find one at Sleuth of Baker Street) general Canadian release has been held back until it’s in place. So Bob Skinner’s Maple Leaf Mates are six months behind the rest of the world in keeping up with his adventures. I’ll leave you to imagine how hacked off I am by that situation.

However there is one solution. If you go back to my website home page, and click on the ‘purchase’ link, you’ll be taken to my son’s on-line store, where you’ll find FLW listed, along with all the other Skinner titles, every copy signed by me. We will deliver to Canada, and we’ll keep the postage as tight as we can.

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