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Michael – be careful what you wish for

January 12, 2010

To tell you the truth I gave up contemplating Skinner on the box quite some time ago. I had a close call a few years back, and that opened my eyes to the potential damage that can be done to a series by a bad adaptation. Since then I’ve been pretty blasé about the proposition. I hear what you say about the preponderance of American productions, but they’re not all bad. By the same token, not everything British is good. I watched a good chunk of  the recent BBC series Paradox, and I’m still struggling to figure out what the hell it was all about.  On Sunday I sat through a 90-minute episode of Wallander in which only two of the characters mustered a smile, the bad guy when he thought he was getting away with it, and the redeemed ex-cop, just before he died. The rest were miserable as sin, so much that the experience left me profoundly depressed. For your sake I hope it doesn’t make it to Australia.

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