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Mary Baxter

January 21, 2010

Yes, Black Diamond. It’s a community station, founded by volunteers with a basket of funding support, and  broadcasting in and for Midlothian. There are a few such stations around, for example, Sunny Govan Radio, and Leith FM. No prizes for guessing where either is based. They’re all very local and their footprint isn’t very large, but more power to them. I’ve been on Sunny Govan, and been impressed by it. If I had the time, and the energy, I’d love to get something like that up and running in East Lothian.

I remember that winter, Mary, and I remember the Radio Forth snow line, when the station showed what a force for good it could be. That won’t happen again, because the people who own it today don’t actually care about the communities from which they take their maximised profits.

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