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Stop Press: New QJ titles available to UK buyers

August 23, 2010

An update from Amazon. Its Kindle UK store is now up and running. This means that British customers can now access this format directly, without going through the US. All the QJ titles are available there, apart from A Rush of Blood, which will be released on Kindle soon.

In addition, there are a couple of titles you won’t find anywhere else, or in any other format. They couldn’t be further removed from what I normally do. One’s called ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow‘; it’s a fantasy set in another time and another place, drawn from the world of politics that I used to inhabit. The other is very short . . . and consequently very cheap! It’s the only non-fiction work I’ve ever  written, an account of the scariest day of my life, and it’s called ‘A True Crime Story‘, because that’s what it is.

Finally, and very important: you don’t have to buy one of Amazon’s Kindle readers to access these works. There is free software available on its site that will allow you to download Kindle books directly to your PC, lap-top, Mac, iPad, iPhone, you name it, and read them there.

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