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September 24, 2019 5 comments

The Supreme Court has ruled effectively that in future, Prime Ministers must seek the approval of Gina Miller or someone like her for every major decision they make.

I didn’t vote for Ms Miller; nobody did. I didn’t vote for a single member of the Supreme Court. I didn’t vote for Boris either, but somewhere along the line I feel that I have been cheated.

Parliamentary democracy has just been shot in the head.

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September 23, 2019 Leave a comment

Is this a hidden job creation project, another attack on employers, or just shameless, irresponsible electioneering bullshit?

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Climb down

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I am a ‘named person’. The name is Granddad.

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No, I am simply ignoring this child

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September 15, 2019 1 comment

My hatred of the Lib Dems, goes back thirty-five years and it’s based on experience. They do not have a principle that isn’t for sale and, as they proved in 2010, they would drop their knickers for the prospect of a ministerial car turning up st the door every morning. Nothing about them is real or unequivocal, not even Jo Swinson’s accent.

So, when they voted today to ignore the result of 2016 and revoke Brexit, you can be sure that they had no thought of what’s right for you and me, but only what they perceive to be best for them.

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No comment

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I don’t like to involve myself in another country’s politics but Trump is hard to ignore. All that I will say is that he has his distractors and his supporters; in my extended family, there are both.

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September 15, 2019 Leave a comment

Last night, awaiting the start of Match of the Day, I was treated to trailers for a BBCiii series, Heartbreak Holiday.

It gave me a warm feeling to know that from next year my household will have to fork out a disproportionate amount of its net income to pay for utter shite like that.

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September 14, 2019 Leave a comment

David Cameron: Johnson and Gove acted ‘appallingly’ during Brexit campaign
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You made the mess, then ran away leaving others with an impossible job. Chicken, chicken chicken, looking to deflect the blame on to former colleagues and friends.

Please, people, whatever you think of Boris, don’t buy Cameron’s snivelling book.

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No thanks

September 12, 2019 Leave a comment

Recall Parliament? God forbid. In our household we are enjoying being able to watch telly news free of the boorish, ill-mannered shambles that our House of Commons has become. We don’t want them back.

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Who’s he again?

September 11, 2019 Leave a comment
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I hate what’s happening in my country.

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Bunter’s finest hour

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‘Johnson is nothing like Churchill and Rees-Mogg is an absolute fraud’

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Peter Finch

September 6, 2019 Leave a comment

Boris doesn’t want an election, but he does.

Corbyn wants an election but he doesn’t.

There are shenanigans going on here. The opposition parties could be accused of conspiring to frustrate the wishes of a majority of the electorate, or else they are just plain conspiring. Either way the Commons, on both sides, is showing contempt for the voters.

(And by the way Dominic Cummings, I have no idea who you are, so you can fuck off too.)

They say they don’t trust Boris, and neither do I. But by implication they are saying that they don’t trust me either, or trust any other voter, to come up with a ballot box verdict that suits them.

That’s an affront to democracy and the whole shoddy crew should be ashamed of themselves. It’s not on to say that an election would only produce another hung Parliament. That’s our choice, not theirs.

If you agree with me, share this, or copy and paste on the social media platform of your choice.

I for one am mad as hell and I ain’t going to take it anymore.

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September 5, 2019 2 comments

I am watching Boris address a captor audience at Wakefield Police College, wondering who has briefed him. If you are going to quote the official police caution to an audience of police officers, fcs get it right.

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Where is he?

September 5, 2019 2 comments

It’s official: we don’t have a government any more. Nor will we have one until the Opposition stops playing silly buggers and gives the people what they want and need.

It’s an outrageous situation in a parliamentary democracy, but whose fault is it. On the face of it, The can is Corbyn’s to carry; all he had to do was say a simple ‘Yes’, and his side would have been whipped to support the Election Bill. He didn’t, out of perceived self interest, and as a result most of us bystanders are left frustrated.

But how did the current state of affairs come to pass? In fact it goes back to a single act of cowardice, nine years ago. David Cameron didn’t have to indulge in his rose garden bromance with Nick Clegg. As the leader of the party with most seats in the House, he could have formed a minority government, presented a Queen’s Speech that a then rudderless Labour could not have voted down, and undoubtedly secured an outright majority a year or even months later as Wilson did in 1974.

He could have but he didn’t. Why not? Because he lacked the courage. Instead he formed his clumsy coalition from which emerged a piece of legislation that nobody had voted for or even anticipated, the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.

That was only the start. In 2015 he promised a referendum that he thought he couldn’t lose, and when he did he shat himself, and chickened out again. He ran away and left others to clear up his malodorous mess.

So where is he now, the architect of the current ongoing shambles? With immaculate timing he is readying himself for the launch of his memoirs, ‘For the Record’, scheduled for publication on September 19.

I won’t be buying it, that’s for sure.

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September 4, 2019 8 comments

As a nation, we deserve better.

I am 74, old enough to remember when our political system was populated by people of integrity. They’re all gone now, apart from a few, I suppose, but I am struggling to name them. Ken Clarke, maybe, Dennis Skinner certainly, but that’s it.

Last night a majority of the mob who currently debase the House of Commons voted to begin a process that will remove the possibility of leaving the EU without a deal. Boris doesn’t get much right but when he forecast that this will lead to years of uncertainty he may have been on the button.

The huge frustration is that there is a deal available. Theresa May negotiated it, only to see it rejected three times by the very people who frustrated her successor last night.

For Zog’s sake, we’re all exhausted by the ongoing disgrace that masquerades as our system of government. Let’s just bring back Theresa’s deal, as an independent motion if necessary, and vote the damn thing through.

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The political asylum

March 30, 2019 12 comments

This is a personal statement about the inescapable.

I voted Leave three years ago. I wasn’t influenced by that twat Boris, or by Nigel Phalange or anybody else. My vote wasn’t cast on economic grounds, or out of any personal financial motive. It was cast because I believe that the EU will eventually implode.

I didn’t vote against a continuing customs union with our European neighbours or against a future trading arrangement that makes them our principal partners. And I don’t give a single fuck about Arlene Foster (who the hell is she anyway in the great scheme of things?) and the Irish backstop.

I voted Leave, plain and simple, because I feel we should, but now I don’t care. I have been overcome. Any passion I have ever felt about the issue has been exhausted by the utter failure of our parliamentary system to cope with a situation that requires MPs to put national interest above self interest. I have been outraged by the slithering of Corbyn, a proven master of disloyalty, embarrassed by the Commons performance of Blackford, a clever man pretending to be an idiot, and driven to despair by the stupidity of a Prime Minister who was persuaded to throw away a working majority when it was entirely unnecessary, and now by her obduracy in continuing to hang her Norwegian Blue upside down in her shop window above a for sale sign. If Theresa May is a betting woman she is probably even now having a punt on Manchester United to win the FA Cup, even though they were knocked out in the last round.

The ultimate lunacy is that a General Election is being mooted as a way of sorting it all out.

This will copy on to Facebook as my blog posts do. I repeat, it is a personal statement. As they say on Twitter, my views are my own. So is my despair.

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March 22, 2019 1 comment

Amidst all the daft stuff coming out of Brussels, the Trump administration still leads in terms of howling craziness.

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Wilt not

March 21, 2019 2 comments

I do not believe that any author, satirist, or savant, not even the great Tom Sharpe at his most acerbic, could have produced a plot to mimic what is happening in our Parliament at the moment.

Watching our Prime Minister last night I was reminded of the verse in The Wild West Show, a song beloved of drunken students everywhere, about the mythical bird that flies in ever decreasing circles until it disappears up its own fundamental orifice, from which position of safety it hurls shit and derision upon its enemies below.

Theresa might not have disappeared yet, but any moment now.

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