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Cyndy Lauper

December 11, 2018 4 comments

Let’s be clear about this: I don’t rate Theresa May as outstanding Prime Minister material. However I acknowledge that it is unfair to judge her at the stage as her time in office has been dominated by a single unsolvable task that was not of her making. Aside from that her only major howler has been to suffer an attack of opportunism and throw away a working majority.

Let’s be clear about this also: there isn’t a single person on either side of the House who could have come up with a solution that would have commanded Commons support.

During the negotiations she hasn’t got everything right, but in the main she has behaved with decorum and dignity. That’s why I wake up this morning feeling disgusted.

We are shamed as a nation by the behaviour of our Parliament. We are shamed as electors by the vicious, hysterical abuse heaped upon the lady by the people we have sent there, both sides of the chamber and even in the middle, by the weasel who somehow wriggled into the Speaker’s chair in place of a much, much better man.

For the last few days we have seen these people show their true colours, Green with envy, White with fear and Purple with anger, hatred even at times. And none of them are beautiful.

We’re big on petitions these days so I would like to start another, demanding that the role of the Committee on Standards on Public Life be expanded to include oversight of parliamentary behaviour and powers of discipline over those who are guilty of discourtesy and personal abuse. If you would sign it, like or share this post.

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Biter bit

November 27, 2018 Leave a comment

I had some hope that, the Prime Minister having done the deal, the National mood would change and would become one of ‘let’s just get it over with.’

But when Michael Fallon comes riding into battle with his lance aimed at her, she really is skewered. Of course this is the same Fallon she threw under the bus a year ago on the basis of a historic and unproven accusation by the sisterhood when a more reasoned response might have been to let him apologise to anyone he might or might not have offended and carry on in a job he was doing very well.

You got that one wrong, Theresa.

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November 21, 2018 Leave a comment

The DUP is pro-Brexit, yes? So why is it digging its heels and blocking our departure?

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Vox populi

November 19, 2018 2 comments

A few days ago I laid the blame for the current Brexit shambles fairly and squarely at the  door of the Prime Minister. I still believe that it belongs there. She has hamstrung two Cabinet level negotiators by effectively setting up her own Brexit department within Downing Street and making Ministers subordinate to her pet civil servant. That’s not how government should work. A Prime Minister is an executive chairman, not a managing director with full authority.

But in that post I stopped short of saying that Theresa should be replaced. Just as the cowardly Cameron should have stayed on post referendum to clean up his mess, she must stay on to clean up hers. If that means listening to Arlene Foster, so be it. If it means accepting the collective view of the majority of her colleagues, so be it. If she can’t do either, she should resign. However, the second last thing the country needs is a long drawn-out Tory leadership election. The last thing it needs is a General Election that might put Corbyn in Downing Street. The ‘no confidence’ letters are not helpful, and they should be pulled at once.

So what is the next step? The so-called People’s Vote? No! Call it what you like but if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, a duck it is. It’s a referendum under another name and we’ve had enough of those.

I have another suggestion. It’s pretty radical and it won’t find a seconder, but it would be a much quicker way of achieving the same outcome as a referendum. Why don’t the Party leaders, May, Corbyn, Sturgeon, Cable and Foster agree to put the matter before Parliament with all members having a free vote?

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Escape hatch

November 19, 2018 3 comments

Just because it’s Tony Blair, that doesn’t make it a bad idea.

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Theresa in Mordor

November 16, 2018 1 comment

I don’t Twit any more but I saw this one on Eddie Pepperell’s feed:

It’s clear to me that there’s only one person who can now deliver Brexit; Frodo Baggins.

Nice one son.

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The darkness

November 15, 2018 3 comments

I voted to leave the EU, because I believe it has outgrown itself. But I didn’t vote for the current shambles, the blame for which lies fairly and squarely with Theresa May. She should have gone the day after her defeat in the entirely unnecessary General Election that she called without the support of her party, but she didn’t. Instead she clung on dragging the nation down with her obstinacy and splitting it in two. The only reason she’s still barricaded in her bunker in Downing Street is that nobody in her party fancies clearing up the mess she’s made.

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October 16, 2018 Leave a comment

For 45 minutes last night I did something that I don’t believe I’ve done since 1966. I cheered England as they went one, two, three against Spain in Seville. ‘Why didn’t you cheer for the home team?’ I hear you ask, since I spend part of my life there. Well, although I do not express a view on the independence issue, my granddaughter is Catalan, her mother is Catalan, and so by extension am I. As long as Catalunya’s leaders are in jail or in exile, Madrid is my foe.

I have to admit also that alongside the three goals, which were a mix of bravado and luck, my showreel moment came when Eric Dier, not my favourite player usually, ran forty yards forward to go right through Sergio Ramos, who has had it coming since the Champions League final, and give him and his team the message that Engerland were not there to play a friendly and roll over.

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September 21, 2018 Leave a comment

‘Senator, you’re no Maggie Thatcher.’

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Opinion | I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration – The New York Times

September 6, 2018 Leave a comment

I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.
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So. Alex Salmond.

It’s going to get messy. I wonder how the likes of Kerr Fraser, Russell Hillhouse or Muir Russell would have handled a similar situation in their day. More carefully, I suggest.

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July 27, 2018 1 comment

Somewhere along the line I got to like Ed Balls. It didn’t dawn on me until I saw him on Peston one Sunday, talking eminent sense about an issue of the day. I’m not sure when the conversion happened, but it may have begun with the grace and dignity with which he lost his parliamentary seat.

I heard him this morning on Chris Evans, plugging his new BBC2 series on Trump’s America. At the end of his segment Chris E tried to ask him if he would ever return to British politics. He fudged the answer, but he didn’t say no.

I would welcome him back, as would, I suspect, a few million lifelong Labour voters who are appalled by what has happened to their party. I might even vote for him.

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Just a thought. Is The Donald’s age starting to show? (We’re pretty much contemporaries, and although I may have a higher IQ, I wouldn’t fancy running America.)

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Mother Theresa

July 10, 2018 2 comments

My Labour friends have been insisting that the present government is our worst ever. I can’t agree with that; I still award that indistinction to the Callaghan administration. It’s close though.To me Theresa has the edge, because she has a policy and she’s defending it, whereas old Jim didn’t have much idea of what was going on around him. The problem I have with her is that she seems to have stood on the sidelines while quietly undermining her chief negotiator before coming up with a Brexit objective that resembles a comfortable seat on the fence, which is pretty much the position she took all the way through the referendum campaign. ‘Brexit means Brexit’, she cries, but in fact to her Brexit means what she says Brexit is.I don’t belong to a political party any longer, but if I was still a card carrying Conservative with a vote, then given any acceptable alternative, I would want her out, because I just don’t trust her.

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June 25, 2018 1 comment

I know some good people in California and I’m afraid I upset them by posting stuff that’s critical of their President. They voted for lower taxes and a change in the Washington culture and that’s what they’re getting. They’re concerned about immigration too, and I can understand that. They point out that human trafficking is an issue and I have no trouble accepting that. However that makes the people being trafficked victims too, and their situation is not helped by having their families torn apart.

If the administration ever had need of a single clear calm voice, it is now. I am sharing the following because it demonstrates that need.

Some of the things that Trump is doing, he was voted in to do. But in his constant attacks on any sentient journalist who disagrees with him, and by the multiplicity of voices he is allowing to defend his policies, any way they like, he is creating one of the greatest communications fuck-ups of all time.

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As we stumble towards the Sortida from the European Union, an era-changing event which will take place under the supervision of a minority government that is itself significantly split on the issue and under attack from so-called democrats who choose to ignore or try to circumvent a clear majority vote, (among these I include the newly emboldened David Miliband, a man who lacked the guts to run against Gordon Brown, then pissed off to New York in a huff when his kid brother frustrated his own assumed succession) I am struck by a non-presence, a great awkward gas cloud floating around hoping that once the carnage is over it can coalesce and become a star once more.

How about that for bullshit? It’s appropriate though, for I am talking about David Cameron. Two years ago, when the electorate told him to his face that he isn’t nearly as clever as he thought, he dragged his serene and lovely wife out of Downing Street and ran the fuck away from the mess he had created, giving a very fair impression of a snivelling coward. And he’s barely been seen since. Okay, if you’re a regular attender on the grand a plate dinner circuit you may have seen him, but as far as the rest of us are concerned he has nicked Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility and slytherined back to wizarding school to resit his finals.

Seriously, where the hell is he? Having made the mess by his careless concession of a referendum why isn’t he front and centre in dealing with the aftermath rather than the hopeless, sorry, hapless David Davis, under the beady eye of Professor MacGonnagall herself, who is now recognised as the worst of a bad lot?

Thinking back two years, to the day it all came down and I woke to discover to my great surprise that for once in my life I had backed the winner, I believe something firmly now that took a while to dawn on me. David Cameron’s behaviour then, in fleeing from the consequences of his action, and his subsequent silence, makes Neville Chamberlain look like Genghis fucking Khan.

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Long listed

Without debating this case, if the Review is correct in saying that the Crown Office is dodging its legal obligations for up to four years, to take the heat off the Scottish Justice Department, that’s scandalous. Queen Nicola needs to act.

Scottish Review: Kenneth Roy
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With friends like Rudy …

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F******* nuts!

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