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December 20, 2009

Long term followers of QJ’s journal may me aware that one of my favourite rock bands of all time is an outfit from British Columbia, called Default. I came across them in Las Vegas a few year ago, and I’ve been plugging them ever since. While they’re one of the world’s greatest, they must also be among the unluckiest on the planet, for a series of record company disasters have resulted in a gap of four years between their third and fourth albums. But their luck has turned, for they’ve been picked up by EMI Canada, and their fourth work, ‘Comes and Goes’ is available at last. It has still to be released in stores outside Canada, but it’s available via Amazon. If you’re a Classic FM listener like my wife, it’s not for you, but if you’re an unreconstructed old rocker like me, with many hours of John Peel and The Old Grey Whistle Test behind you, you may agree with me that it’s the album of the year.

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