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Santa’s got a brand new bag

December 24, 2009

(That’s for all the James Brown fans out there, the seasonal song he never did, but should have.)

The day is almost upon us; less than nine hours of Christmas Eve are left. Eileen and I are in our winter fastness, where I am wondering at this moment whether all those Dreamers of a White Christmas would fancy it so much if they realised that all too soon it would become grey and slushy for a couple of hours, before the temperature dropped below freezing once more and it turned to ice. This morning, I drove (very carefully) my son to the airport. He’s in the air right now, bound for Japan via Schiphol, Amsterdam, bearing our good wishes to Akihiro-san and Yoshiko-san, his in-laws.  Our Kid will be driving home some time soon along the same road, and then, with her back safely in the village, the festivities  can begin. They’ll be quiet this year, with only one of our four collective offspring, and her man, around the table, the other three being in different countries, but we’ll have a quietly good time nonetheless, there will be ‘Ohhs’, and ‘Thanks’, and ‘Just what I needed’ , even though that isn’t entirely the point of Christmas. Doctor Who will be recorded, and may be watched later, depending on how big a dent has been made in the port decanter. The Queen’s Christmas Message will be missed. Citizen Kane will also be recorded. (By the way, it was his sledge.)

And now I must go and shave, so that I am not taken for Jim Royle.

To all of you who read this, and even those who don’t,  wherever you are on the planet, whether tomorrow has any significance for you or not, may it, and all your days that follow, pass peacefully and happily.

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