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Fumadores, si.

February 27, 2010

I’m waiting for the law to be enforced. We ate in one of our favourite restaurants last night, in what is now an alien environment for much of Europe. By the time we were in mid-meal, the place was full of cigarette smoke. (Much of it came from a table of eight Brits, incidentally.)  In Spain smoking is still allowed in bars and restaurants with less than 100 sq m of public space;  in effect that means most of them. In larger premises, self-contained and separately ventilated areas must be provided for those who wish to puff. This botched enactment was introduced a couple of years ago, and led almost at once to the ludicrous situation where places serving food and drink indoors have green signs on them saying, ‘Yes, you can smoke here’.

Now there is a statute in the book which will make the ban total, as it is in more and more Western countries these days. I’m told that all it will take to enforce it is an order by the Justice Minister. When that is made, people like me, who resent having to put up with the offensive and anti-social  habits of others, will be happy. We’ll be able to go out to eat without having our lungs and clothes polluted. But there will be losers. Those larger premises who have spent large sums of money to comply with the original attempt at control legislation will find that their investment was pointless. Maybe the government will give them tax breaks in compensation, but somehow I doubt it.

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