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The snow in Spain falls mainly on Emporda

March 11, 2010
You may have heard via telly of large parts of Catalunya having been hit by a blizzard on Monday. Well, that was us. It brought down the main power line for much of the region, and we without juice from 4pm Monday until 8pm yesterday evening, Wednesday. Since everything needs leccy to work these days, that meant without heat or the ability to cook. It also meant that the entire commercial life of much of the comerc of Emporda came to a standstill for two full days. With temperatures at rock bottom, and seriously cold and hungry, we found a single restaurant on Tuesday evening that  had a gas kitchen , was lit by a generator and heated by a patio heater brought indoors.
The adventure started as I was leaving to collect family from Girona airport. I didn’t get 5km out of town before I had to turn back, in quite the worst conditions I have ever experienced. As it happened, the airport was closed and the flight diverted to Reus,  south of Barcelona. Up to 50cm of snow fell, very quickly. Much of it is still there, although the roads are clear and the trains are running again.
Eileen says that I should offer a public thank you to the people of the electricity company who must have worked flat out in horrendous conditions to get us back on line. She’s right and I’m happy to do so. Also muchas gracias to the people of Hostal el Roser, who gave us succour in our hour of need.
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