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I am not a Chelsea fan

March 17, 2010

This one’s for the Brits, mainly. I don’t use this blog to wind people up as a rule, but on occasion, why the hell not?

Why does every Chelsea defeat always end with John Terry, for me the second least likeable man in British football after Rafa Benitez, in the referee’s face? ‘Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser,’ I know, but there are times when you need the maturity to be able to walk away and take it like a gentleman.

The fact is, Chelsea proved last night what I’ve been saying to my CFC supporting editor and pal all season. They may win the Premier League but if they do it will be on the basis of luck, strength, and bullying the wee teams, not through exceptional skill and certainly not through character. They were outplayed last night by a team that’s well short of the best in Europe, and as always at the end their discipline let them down. Drogba is, I say it again, a fifteen and a half stone Jessie. When he’s manhandled by the likes of Lucio and Samuel he should be winning those contests, but he doesn’t have the know-how or the balls. How would those guys have got on against an Alan Shearer? No contest. How will they get on against Wayne Rooney? Badly. Yet all Drogba does is go to ground rather than fight for the ball and win it. No, not true. Occasionally he’ll stamp on someone from behind.

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