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Tired but happy

March 20, 2010

Those who’ve been to any of my gigs will probably know what ‘the two magic words’ are. For those who don’t, the answer’s quite simple: the first is ‘The’ and the second is ‘End’. No, they never appear in the published version, but I take huge pleasure in keying them in whenever I finish a manuscript.

I did it again this week, on a work that for now at least with continue to be known as Skinner 21. It’s best that way, since ‘A Rush of Blood’, as Skinner 20 is titled,won’t be published until June. that’s how far ahead my schedule is: not a boast, a simple statement of fact. As a result I now have three still unpublished works in the pipeline.

The next thing I plan to do is pause for a long, considered breath, hit some golf balls, and go to the gym quite often. After that, I’ll start on Primavera 3. When will that be published? On the current schedule we’re looking at late 2011, early 2012.

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