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Lisa Scott

Rant away, Madam. I agree with most of what you say. But I can see why DC has focused on the cult of the personality. (As has Nick Griffin, only it’s spelt slightly differently in his case.) He has no choice. These TV debates are great entertainment for some, but they have the potential to inflict huge damage. My prophesy of a week ago is being fulfilled. Because of them we are now looking at Nick Clegg, who was a nonentity a month ago, as the man who will determine the nature of our next government, if he doesn’t actually form it, regardless of the fact that his party has a wish list rather than a joined-up, practical manifesto. Because of them we are now taking Vince Cable seriously and talking about him as our next Chancellor, a job for which he’s no more qualified than my granny, and she’s been dead for 42 years. I would like to think that this craze will work itself out, and that we will get back to sensible electioneering, but I think not, because it’s media driven, and because two of the three parties involved are enjoying it too much. It’s a sign of the desperation of Captain Barbossa that he agreed to the events something which he will be regretting in a couple of weeks as he drives to the Palace to hand in his resignation, and for the rest of his life.

Oh yes, Lisa, you ask where has George Osborne gone? He’s hiding behind Ken Clarke. Would you like me to place a bet now? Cameron will be the next PM, but Osborne will not be the next Chancellor.

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  1. Lisa Scott
    May 28, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    So wish i had taken you up on that bet!

    This whole Coalition Government thing is a tad on the scary side. No, scratch that, it’s very scary! What I find scariest is the look on the faces of the Tories and Lib-Dems. It’s like “what the hell are we doing here?” There are fake smiles everywhere and the sight of all that stretched face skin is Tussaud like.

    Anyway, on to more important things. I can’t believe you are coming to the Borders – Kelso Library – on Hawick Common Ridiing Day! As it is impossible for me to be in 2 places at once (hopefully, it will be a glorious day and I will be getting wind and sun burnt at the same time on Hawick Mair) I shall miss out on a conversation with Quintin Jardine. My loss, I’m sure. I hope you have a good time in Kelso.


    • May 28, 2010 at 6:29 pm

      Hell of a lot less scary than what went before. Liam Byrne’s note to his successor should live in infamy alongside the attack on Pearl Harbour. But here is scary; of the current hierarchy, and out of all the candidates to succeed Captain Barbossa, how many have any experience of working life outside politics or junior academia?

      I am sorry to be clashing with the annual Hawick Bachanalia, but that’s the only day I could manage Kelso. I know I’ll have a good time there: I always do.

  2. Lisa Scott
    June 14, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    These things happen and like I said, my loss! It was a nice day, especially if you like the windswept and interesting look. Saturday was much nicer. Anyway, I trust you had a good time in Kelso and I’m sure Ruth Holmes and her staff looked after you well. Ruth is a family friend and is a lovely person. She’s had a hard year what with the death of her mum and her marriage crumbling but she’s moving on and doing well.

    I like and agree with your point on Liam Byrne’s note. There is no word to adequatley describe the lunacy of it. Obviously he thought he was being witty but did he really believe that it wouldn’t get into the public domain? Like I said, lunacy.

    It is a wee bit worrying this trend of career politicians. How can they speak for the common man if they’ve never had to put in a shift at the coalface?

    Right, I’m finally getting to what I wanted to say! I received my copy of “Rush of Blood” last week but due to commitments I only began to read it last night and I have struggled to put the darn thing down! All I can say is – it’s guid!!!!

    Cheers Lisa

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