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David Craddock

I have several questions about Barbossa and Mrs Duffy. They are:

1) why was he wearing a Sky mike in the first place?

2) why did the person who fitted in on him let him go off wearing not just the mike, but the transmitter that goes with it?

3) why did none of his staff spot this and at least make sure that he switched the transmitter off?

4) how did the signal get out of an armour-plated Jag?

5) how and where was it picked up?

6) why was Sky, a news organisation that’s normally as jealous of its exclusives as any other, so quick to share this one with their rivals that the tapes were with Jeremy Vine within the hour?

7) was it always the plan to put a camera in the production box of a radio studio, or was that done to stitch Barbossa up even tighter?

The PM did everything wrong after that. The penitent visit to Mrs Duffy’s house was right up there with Henry II being flogged by the monks after the murder of Beckett. And when, oh when, is the great media guru Mandelson going to sit him down and give him the advice he needs? ‘Do not smile, Gordon, when you’re on camera. At best you look insecure, at worst you look as if you’re lying.’

Okay, that’s my rant, now your question. Short answer, I don’t know, but hardbacks are available via a link from my website, and signed at that.

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