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Gillian Dickinson

Great to hear from you again. You’re a Chelsea fan, like several of my other friends? So tell me, don’t you ever, in your heart of hearts, wish that Ken Bates was back, and  that you were a football club again, rather than a plutocrat’s plaything? That said, as a committed wearer of the green and gold, I’d rather Roman than any of those American tossers who know nothing of football, and see clubs as profit centres.

I note what you say about Tim Henman’s comment to Andy Cotter (his uncle is a pal of mine, BTW); that is the sneer of a serial loser if ever I heard one. As things stand, England and Scotland are both in the next European championship. We’ll see who goes further.

Now tell me, who would you rather have as your coach? A dictatorial Italian who is inarticulate and illiterate in the language of the country he manages and who never played there during his active years, or a sound home-boy with a track record who’s able to command the respect of his players without imposing schoolboy discipline?

Isn’t it strange that 23 Englishmen should be confined to a camp and ordered around by Italians?  Seventy-odd years ago it was the other way around. My dear old pal, the late Sid Burr, had fascinating memories of those times.

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  1. Gillian
    July 8, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    I think if my memory serves me well, Ken Bates banned Osgood and Harris for their criticism of his management, so I guess the likes of John Terry and Ashley Cole would not be playing at Stamford Bridge, and I certainly think there was never a problem in understanding what he had to say. But yes I would like him back as he was say in the 90’s.
    I would be happy to have “David” as England Coach, But!!!! if I could choose anybody in the football world it would be “the special one” Jose Murinho, nothing to do with his coaching skills, he is just ” easy on the eyes”…
    Take care

    • July 8, 2010 at 6:12 pm

      The special one will never manage England, for much the same reason that Alex Ferguson was never interested. I read an analysis of past English managers the other day. All sorts of names were mentioned, but not Alf Ramsay. Weird, eh.

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