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I was on radio a year and more back with Denis Lehane, and some alleged reviewers. He’s a very fine novelist, and we were doing a book programme, but all these tubes wanted to talk to him about off air was the fact that for a while he’d been in The Wire’s writing team. I’ve never bought into the  mystique of the series, so I don’t know Dominic West, but in any event, that has nothing to do with my enthusiasm for Idris Elba as Skinner. The actor is more important than ethnicity or accent, and for me . . . and I do have some influence on the proposition . . . he is the man.

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    August 25, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Good afternoon
    Firstly I was very disappointed to find out that I am not the “other woman” in your life….. But I guess I will get over it in time. As if that is not bad enough I have just read your note to Cath. I know your word is final and I am under no illusion as to your influence….. But please having read cover to cover and listened to “James”on audio to all currently available, whilst I can clearly understand why “Idris Elba” after all he is a Londoner, as I. and fits the part perfectly but pretty please, Skinner must have your accent.
    Compliments might get me a bonus point here, ( to your credit ) Bob is real to his fans
    Take care

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