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I am by nature a Luddite. I like CDs rather than downloads and, going further back, I still have 400 vinyl albums in storage somewhere. I also take pleasure in having a bloody great pile of books beside my bed. Thus, I wasn’t a likely buyer for an e-reader. So, when my son and daughter-in-law bought me a new generation Amazon Kindle for a recent birthday, they were either being provocative or they were taking a chance, or both. Well, I’m a convert. It arrived a few days ago and I’ve hardly put it down since, so thanks, Kyoko, thanks Al. There is something about walking around with a thing that’s slimmer than my Filofax even in its case, knowing that it contains, among other things, the Complete Works of Shakespeare. My first proper read on it is the brilliant new Kate Atkinson novel. When I’m through with that, I might try Twelfth Night.

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