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Things you never knew . . .

. . . about Greenland. According to the CIA World Factbook, a much better source than Wikipedia, there are 57,637 Greenlanders, or whom just under 50% are  women. Nonetheless it is the 13th largest country in the world, and its largest island. It encompasses four time zones, which must make it very difficult for Greenlanders to set their watches with any certainty. The median age is 33.5 and, 84% are urban dwellers; I cannot imagine how they counted the other 16%, but one does not ask too many searching questions of the CIA, unless one has an unnatural desire to experience water-boarding for oneself. It is the 207th most populous country in the world, but ranks 140 in birth rate, which offers some clue as to its favourite sport. It also boasts 100% adult literacy, which means that its people cannot claim to be unable to read the instructions on condoms. Its economy is based around the export of shrimp and fish, but it is believed to have the potential for oil and gas extraction, and since it has already secured self-governing status from its parent, Denmark, when that does start to flow it will reap the benefit. (Take note, fellow Scots.) Roadbuilding is not an issue, since there are none outside the towns. However it does have 15 airports, (Ryanair?) and one passenger ferry.

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