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I caught an item on BBC Breakfast this morning, about the effect of tuition fees on the average student. After a few minutes of watching Bill and Sian trying to coax the answer their producer wanted out of a pretty lass who had clearly flunked articulacy classes, I found myself asking, ‘What’s the point of this?’

When I was a younger man, there was no early morning television. If you wanted to catch up with the day’s affairs radio did the job perfectly well. Now we have immaculately dressed people on telly, being paid vast sums to front expensively produced programmes that are either vacuous, in the case of the ITV version, which has lost any hook it ever had now that the world knows that its presenters really are only good friends and no more, or on BBC, the bland leading the bland in debating topics in which most viewers have no real interest. In theory the viewer has a choice between being entertained or informed, but in practice neither is happening.

So here’s my question. If BBCtv binned the whole Breakfast set-up and stuck a camera in the ‘Today’ radio studio to look in on Jim Naughtie etc in shirtsleeves and headsets, would its audience be better served or worse in terms of its current affairs coverage? No-brainer, folks. Having just forked out £145 for this year’s increased Broadcasting Tax (I refuse to use the term licence fee) at a time when everyone but the BBC is cutting costs, I find myself wishing it would do just that. Until it does, I’m going to have to put up with sound only.

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  1. nurmihusa
    January 18, 2011 at 11:40 am

    Yeah. Welcome to the Boob Tube, Murcan style. Vacuous would be a step up over here…

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