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Over Jordan

I see that Katie Price has binned her latest, Alex Reid, a cage fighter by profession. I happened to catch Alex’s last fight, by accident, on an obscure satellite channel. He’s tough, as they all are, but it struck me, even with my limited knowledge of MMA, that he isn’t very good. If he was the top boy in the UFC, rather that a bammer in BAMMA, I wonder if he’d have been ditched so quickly. Truth is, I care nothing for such people, but I am concerned that the headline that announced the separation of these talent-free zones was so large that even I couldn’t miss it. I hate the cult of  the celebrity: it’s completely out of control. Don’t we live in a strange world when we can rage against bankers’s bonuses, yet be oblivious and indifferent to the fact that the likes of the model formerly known as Jordan can amass vast fortunes, while contributing only to the dumbing down of our society?

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