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Jim Brennan

You’re quite a historian, townie; I must introduced you to my friend Michael Jecks. Good for the Saint. I might have done the same myself, but I played in a different street, and maybe at a different time. I don’t remember McLeod; it was Charlie Cox in the number four shirt when I came along. Paton was there though; chosen as the greatest Motherwell player ever, even though only a minority of the voters will ever have seen him wear the shirt. (But why wasn’t the wonderful Andy Weir in the top team? Davie Cooper could have played on the right.) No, Skinner will never head the new national force: I wouldn’t allow it, since I am deeply opposed to it myself. Politics and justice should be kept as far apart as possible, unless a politician is in the dock. In fact, Bob may resign in protest against its establishment, but we’ll have to wait and see whether the next Scottish Government is foolish enough to do it.

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