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Fans of Silent Witness, and I’m one, lately, will be in mourning across the land this morning. The trailer warned us that Harry was in for a hard time, but no way could anyone have predicted that by the end of episode one of a two parter he’d have found the butchered body of his pregnant girl-friend, been falsely accused of her murder, been pursued all over Budapest by corrupt cops and ferocious Ukrainian mafioso, seen his rescuer, a fat ex-Communist street person assassinated before his eyes and finally shot through the head himself and cremated in the street, just as Leo, fairly useless in a rumble anyway, it must be said, arrived on the scene, too late to save the day.

So that’s it. The team is down to two, and Tom Ward is moving on to another series. (Maybe to play Skinner, who knows?) Or is he? Can they really wipe out the lead character in mid story? Looks that way, for five or six gunshots at close range, a can of petrol and a match are generally pretty conclusive. Or are they? I wouldn’t put the house on it, but I’ll have a small flutter with Victor Chandler that some how he will rise, literally from the ashes before tonight’s episode is over. Why am I modestly confident of this? Because, if you know where to find it, there’s a spoiler out there.

By the way, if the Hungarian tourist ministry had any involvement with the story, did they know what they were getting into? Lovely city, but hardly the endorsement they’d have wanted.

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