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Easter’s on the way

To most Scots, Donald Trump was simply a name they had heard, vaguely, some sort of American property billionaire with a dodgy public profile and an even worse haircut. Then he decided that he was going to visit his munificence upon Scotland by giving us the best golf course in the world, as part of a billion dollar (everything with The Donald has to have  billion in it, apparently) resort development: that’s Trump-speak for expensive housing, folks. Problems  being 1) that he plans to locate it on some environmentally sensitive land, 2) much of that land belonged to other people, and 3) there is no demand for another world-class golf course in Scotland, there being three within a mile of my front door alone and another dozen or so scattered around the country. Then there’s the climate. I have visions of wealthy American buyers, who never heard the word ‘dreich’, far less understood it, until they turn up at their new holiday homes to discover what North sea coastal weather can be like, even in high summer.

None of that bothered The Donald; nothing seems to get in the way of his ego. His opponents were scorned and branded as idiots, as he ignored every viewpoint but his own and bulldozed ahead. And to its shame, the Scottish Government, which I support, in most things, let me and the rest of the nation down, by dropping its metaphorical pants for him, and clearing the way for his rape of the Aberdeenshire countryside.

The sensible tendency hasn’t gone away, though. They’re still fighting as hard as they can, as this piece by my old acquaintance Frank Urquhart makes clear.


In it, you will see The Donald’s claim that he is doing  this for his mother, born on the Isle of Lewis. Eh? He’s building her a golf course? I wonder what her handicap was . . . apart from having this arrogant arsehole for a son. What’s he like, this man, this corporate Genghis Khan? What makes him believe he can do what he does? There may be a clue in his lineage. His grandmother’s maiden surname was, believe it or not, Christ. Before he ruins any more lives, maybe he should take another look at the New Testament.

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  1. David Brown
    January 30, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    Not too keen on DT then Quintin?

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