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Fox in the box

I have just had an email from Motherwell FC, advising me that they have just signed one Francis Jeffers. I thought that I’d left Pirates of the Caribbean analogies behind with the ejection last year of Captain Barbossa and his crew from Downing Street, but there’s something about the move that makes me think of the club I’ve been doomed to support since I was four having become a vessel of last resort for the undead of the football world. But let’s not be pessimistic; as the manager says, Motherwell has a good reputation as a place in which veterans can resurrect fading careers, and this one has only just turned 30. A quick look at his record shows a history of under-achievement, but with one shining exception. In 16 appearances for England Under 21s, Jeffers scored 13 goals. That’s a hell of a strike rate; if he can recapture anywhere near that sort of form, it may turn out to be a smart move all round.

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  1. Nick Fitzgerald
    February 8, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    One of the all time top players – but only in the “most over-rated players ever” lists. Not aware of him having any notable impact over here in the A-league, and I reckon I could get a game for some of these teams (sadly, my local one would be my best bet) even at 43 and with a total absence of talent.
    You never know though, he did show hints of promise at one time. Can’t you just take Colin Nish off our hands 😉

    • February 8, 2011 at 1:18 pm

      I understood the weight of the A league when I got to Melbourne and found that Grant Brebner was the resident superstar. Decent player, but you not one to build a franchise around. Colin Nish? No. I have one ambition for ‘Well this year and one alone: that we beat Aberdeen in the Cup. Doesn’t even need to be the final, although that would be nice.

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