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I note that Bill Aitken has resigned as chair of the Scottish Parliament’s justice committee in the wake of some ill-considered remarks about a rape victim. Mr Aitken has been around for a long time, and should have known better than to let his mouth run ahead of his brain, but now he’s even being criticised for the nature of his departure by the man whose parliamentary motion prompted it, one Patrick Harvie, of the Green Party. I’ve never been one of Bill’s biggest fans, and I’m surprised he was ever given the chair of that committee, given that his political views tend to be well away from the left of centre blanket that could be thrown over most Holyrood MSPs. However I have a lot more time for him than for those of Harvie’s ilk, who can’t resist taking one last kick at a wounded man as he tries to leave the scene with some of his dignity intact.

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