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There’s a debate I have with myself every so often, about  the best band ever to come out of Scotland . . . apart from Jimmy Shand and Louis Freeman. Some days it’s Texas, others Alex Harvey, occasionally Deacon Blue, and absolutely never, the Bay City ******* Rollers. Other times, I recall Travis, or Franz Ferdinand. But when I really think about it there’s only one winner. I say this having just spent an hour of my work break listening to the best of Del Amitri on my clever wee iPod. Different class. We’re lost a couple of great Scottish musicians lately, in John Martyn and most recently Gerry Rafferty. Happily Justin Currie is still working away quietly, more or less completely overlooked as those two were in later life. He has a new album scheduled for release in May; it’s in my basket already. Oh that people like him, who stay and work in Scotland, received more recognition, ideally at the expense of a bearded sage who bailed out of his home city 25 years ago, and is now globally famous on the back of nothing much more than his own garrulousness. (You know who I mean.)

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  1. Paul Parton
    February 23, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    Did you ever see this?


    I’m sure the order was heavily debated but it’s a pleasant reminder of how many really good bands have come out of Scotland. (Although I don’t understand why Lloyd Cole and the Commotions and Hue and Cry aren’t in there.)

    • February 23, 2011 at 9:24 pm

      I’m sure the order was never debated at all, but dreamed up in the List editorial committee. Fish, as you know, is a bloke who lives in Pencaitland. Lulu, if she is to be accepted as a band at all, belongs near the top, and as for Altered Images, if you can include them and leave out Queensway and Midnight Flyer, there is no hope. If we are going to be that liberal, there is one who should be up the top and we both know who he was. I can never hear the line in American Pie, ‘The day the music died’, without getting a lump in my throat.

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