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Okay, it’s published. Dangerous Pursuits, the expanded, reworked, improved, darker version of Blackstone’s Pursuits is now available on the Amazon US Kindle store. In theory, that is, because Amazon seems to have managed to screw up international access to its Kindle outputs. I understand why this should be, since publishers’ territorial rights may differ from book to book, but there are anomalies. For example, I’m still trying to determine whether or not all my other titles are available in Kindle form in the US. Amazon say they are, but a couple of people have told me recently that’s no longer the case. Additional guidance from the US would be welcome. And from the rest of the world, for that matter; for example, where do Australians and New Zealanders Kindle-shop, in the UK or US store?

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  1. March 15, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    The following three links point to the three pages of listings of Quintin Jardine Kindle publications (34 in total)on Amazon.com




    If I, as an Amazon.com customer, try to buy one I get this display:

    “We’re sorry, we could not complete your purchase.
    Your Kindle account is registered at Amazon.co.uk. To shop for Kindle titles available for your country, please shop at Amazon.co.uk.
    Continue to the Kindle Store at Amazon.co.uk.
    Have you moved recently? You may change your country on the Manage Your Kindle page.”

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