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The evil empire

There is nothing new about ‘media moguls’. They’ve been around in various shapes and sizes for 300 years since Addison and Steele. However as time passes, they seem to be growing uglier. Okay, Richard Desmond has pursued a strange but determined path to the top and might be counted as a UK business hero, but his success was founded on a range of publications with titles such as Horny Housewives, Asian Babes, and The Very Best of MegaBoobs. Same with the like-minded David Sullivan, founder of the Daily Sport and Sunday Sport. Conrad Black, of whom the less said the better, has been and is gone. Top of the heap, of course, there stands Rupert Murdoch, the Dirty Digger, the man who built NewsCorp, the man whose support seems to be essential to any UK political party with aspirations to govern. Murdoch’s power is unhealthy and his use of it is ruthless, but nobody has ever been brave enough to try to curb it . . . until now.

I don’t subscribe to Newscorp’s flagship the Times but if I did I wouldn’t expect to find this story from this morning’s Telegraph reported in any detail there.


Take a look.

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  1. Jean Whitworth
    March 19, 2011 at 10:50 pm

    Absolutely fantastic. I have always wanted journalists to dig and delve into other journalists and editors and owners the way they dig into celebs and politicians! Maybe then we stand a chance of getting a ‘fairer press’.

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