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Mary, Mary, quite contrary

I’ve just watched BBC Breakfast . . . I know it’s boring and formulaic, but it’s my habit . . . and endured an item on today’s teachers’ strike. I say endured because I found myself wanting to reach out and throttle the spokeswoman for the staff side, Dr Mary Boustead, the General Secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers. I don’t know what he doctorate covers, but it sure isn’t good manners. She put her slightly dodgy points stridently, and would not allow her adversary on the red sofa to answer a single one. The ATL biography describes her as an accomplished public speaker who has debated at the Oxford Union. (I’ll bet her side lost.) I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the affable Bill Turnbull come so close to telling a guest to ‘Shut the **** up’. Doesn’t matter how good your case is, if it’s put as badly as that you will lose public sympathy, and so the ATL membership should think very carefully about confining the Gen Sec to barracks for the duration.

By the way, before anyone accuses me of being anti-teacher, I’m the son of two and I’ve been married to two, so forget that.

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