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Toe in the water

Okay, I was wrong. It went the full distance. But only because the Hayemaker was less ‘chinny’ than most people thought, and because Wladimir was as cautious as he’s always been. The lesson to be drawn from the ‘fight of the year’ is that world boxing needs to take a look at its weight limits. The Kiltschkos are both around two metres tall and weigh 250 lbs, and they are no longer exceptional; some of the younger guys coming through are bigger than them. While Muhammad Ali would have had both of the brothers for breakfast weighing in at around the same as Haye did, he was once in a life-time, the best ever. With the heavyweight category beginning at 200lbs, a weight that Haye made comfortably only three years ago, the system is encouraging dangerous mismatches. Surely it’s time for the sanctioning bodies to get together and raise it.

As for Haye, ironically he and Wladimir are in the same boat thanks to his defeat. If he had won, a rematch would have drawn serious money. Now, neither of them could find an opponent against whom they could fill a phone box. Still, the £20m they are expected to share will be some consolation to them both.

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