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Back to the Murdochs, one last time, and to the final questioner during their inquisition, Louise Mensch, MP. Although the purpose of the hearing was quite specific, she managed to include in her line of questioning an assertion that Piers Morgan admits in his book ‘Insider‘ to having landed a story while editor of the Daily Mirror by hacking into someone’s phone. The only issue being . . . he didn’t. Not unnaturally, Piers . . . most people love him or hate him, but I’m indifferent . . . was outraged by this, not least because the allegation was made under the protection of parliamentary privilege.

I’ve just watched on YouTube, a nine minute interview with Mrs Mensch on CNN, Morgan’s current employer in the US. He joined in by telephone and invited her to withdraw  her remarks. She refused, but declined to repeat them, hiding once again behind the cloak of privilege. However she also refused to apologise; indeed she seemed to glory in the attention she was receiving, and in Morgan’s anger, accusing him of threats that again he did not in fact utter, as she smirked her way through the broadcast in a manner that most of her American audience must have found as appalling as did I.

Mrs Mensch and I have certain common business interests, so maybe I shouldn’t say this but I will. I believe that her use of her position to make apparently defamatory remarks, whoever the subject may be, without apology or even regret, is a disgrace to the House of Commons and brings it into disrepute. It may be that no sanctions exist that can be taken against her, but if there are, they should be invoked.

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  1. Simon Reid
    July 25, 2011 at 12:56 am

    Louise Mensch’s grandstanding means, along with Ed Miliband and the Guardian Media Group, she can be added to the growing list of people who are mistaken in the belief that the public don’t see such facile attempts at points-scoring as nothing more than the exploitation of the entire phone hacking scandal.
    They forget – or rather, they don’t care – that what has blown this whole thing open is Glen Mulcaire’s hacking of Milly Dowler’s phone and the hacking of the phones of the families of our brave servicemen and women.

    David Cameron would be wise to censure Mrs Mensch. And quickly.
    Her blatant abuse of parliamentary privilege, in the full knowledge her comments regarding Piers Morgan would be aired to millions around the world live on TV, was clearly to her mind well-timed. She couldn’t be more wrong – there couldn’t be a worse time for any member of the so-called establishment to bring it further into disrepute.

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