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I am reading leaks today that the Chilcot Inquiry will throw large chunks of mud at Tony Blair over his handling of the Iraq war and associated matters. Regular readers of my blog will know that I have been contemptuous of this whole charade since it began and of the people who were appointed to conduct it, a collection of academics and mid-ranking public servants, of whom none seemed to have any special qualifications for the job. Even in advance of te report’s publication it remains my humble opinion that my Friday night crowd in the pub were just as fitted for the task and probably more so, since we have all lived and worked in the real world.

I am no Blair fan, and never really was, but I believe this hugely expensive farce to have been one of the biggest stitch-ups since . . . since the Hutton Inquiry. I am also cynical enough to believe that since it was set up by Blair’s hated successor, Captain Barbossa, the motives behind it were shall we say, less than altruistic.

Perhaps Dave will follow up Chilcot with an inquiry into how and why we came to be committed to a ten-year conflict in Afghanistan, with the tragedy of returning coffins which is being played out on a weekly basis. If he does, Eric, John, Keith, Ken and I stand ready to serve.


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