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Millbank Murders

I finally got round to watching Sunday’s Spooks last night. Only four more episodes to go until the end of a brave, innovative and enthralling series. From the very beginning its writers have had a reputation for unpredictability and for not giving major characters an easy ride. Over ten years, quite a few of them have made early and fatal exits, Adam for example, poor old Colin for another, and as for Ros Myers she died twice. However some have been allowed to leave in one piece. Zoe was sent off to a new life in South America, Tom was decommissioned after showing signs of a conscience, Tessa was exposed as a fraudster, Malcolm went off to  happy retirement, Sam, Beth and Jed just left, while Jools was reassigned to America where he reappeared in deep cover as the star of the mega-successful medical drama House.

(Only one remains unaccounted for, the mad Juliet, who disappeared to parts unknown after being exposed as an arch-traitor. With mystery hanging over the identity of the person who seems out to destroy MI5, I wonder, have we really seen the last of her?)

However through the saga there is one group whose fate seems to have been inevitable. Those who have joined the Grid, and have been Afro-Caribbean, of sub-Continental ancestry, or of mixed race, to be specific, Danny, Zafar, Ben and Tariq, have all left the scene in very terminal ways, one shot, one tortured to death, one from having his throat cut by a traitor colleague, and another poisoned by an assassin who we are meant to assume was Russian, thanks to a crude reference earlier in the episode, but who probably wasn’t. After the media-inspired outrage over the exclusively white population of the  collection of villages in Midsomer Murders, I’m surprised that none of our righteous media outlets have hit on this, not least since Kudos, the series creator company, is now part of the Shine group, which is itself now owned, more than a little controversially, by none other than Mr Murdoch’s News Corporation.

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