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All about the money

Yes, Jeremy Clarkson is an arse, but he works for the BBC. The Corporation above all should have known as much, and that when they stuck him in front of a camera and allowed its presenters to invite him to outline his views on public service strikers, they need not expect the response to be politically correct. Therefore the producers of The One Show are every bit as much to blame for the offence that his ill-expressed humour undoubtedly caused as is the man who uttered it. The same unit has an unfortunate record of walking away from controversy caused by the show’s guests, for example in the case of Carol Thatcher, who was vilified and cast out for a private remark in case it blew back on the programme director.

If he had been appearing on Question Time, with an intelligent chair rather than airheads, a sophisticated audience that knows irony when it hears it, and robust fellow panellists to take up the challenge Clarkson threw out, it would have made good television; it might have attracted a few comments on Points of View, but that would have been it.

In the aftermath, in my humble, anyone who interprets his remarks as anything other than totally hyperbolic is an even bigger idiot than Jeremy himself . . . only Jeremy isn’t, not by a long shot.

Q. Why was he on The One Show in the first place?

A. To plug his new DVD.

Q. Will his sales suffer because of all the nonsense?

A. Don’t be daft; Jeremy isn’t.

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  1. Fiona
    December 2, 2011 at 1:33 am

    Finally someone who talks some sense. Anyone with half a brain can see what he was up to. I have heard through my daughter who is a staff nurse he has been challanged to come and spend a shift with nurses see how he feels after that. Only I would make him work a full week at the Royal Victoria, Edinburgh. If he was still on his feet after that and not groveling on his knees to make his apologies, I would be most surprised. Now there is a thought whats his publicists phone number does any one know??????????

  2. Simon Reid
    December 3, 2011 at 6:46 pm

    ‘Clarksongate’, as it will no doubt come to be known, is another example of the left showing us they are the new right: somebody says something they don’t like, and they call for a sacking and legal action; nothing less will do.
    For a few minutes, the incident helped the unions as it distracted attention away from the matter of them having already lost the argument over the effectiveness of and justification for their strike; but then the amateurish propaganda employed to misrepresent the context of Clarkson’s comments did them no favours: as spin goes, they were spinning in shallow water.

    Clarkson’s only talent is that he knows he should be laughed at. He’s predictable, I suppose people watch him to be either amused or outraged, but never surprised.
    Thanks to the BBC News replaying his comments in full, I have to say that if The One Show promised more episodes like that, I would become a regular viewer. Although for me, the funniest moment was David Cameron’s ‘very serious’ face when asked for his thoughts – he deserves an Oscar for managing to look so sincere.

    As amusing as the whole thing is, it’s also necessary: it does us no harm to be reminded that the political correctness brigade haven’t gone away; they’re as, if not more, active than ever, they’ve got national newspapers and a whole army of twits on Twitter backing them up. It’s a war of words and as ever the prize is the truth – but history tells us that you don’t get at the truth by gagging self-interested buffoons, no matter how attractive the idea might be.

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