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Mmm. What do we do now?

As all my friends and a few who aren’t are aware, I will be voting ‘Yes!!!’ in the Scottish Independence referendum, when, eventually, it takes place. However, until it does, we are stuck with the Westminster government, and must take an interest in its shape and performance. With that in mind I do not see how the Tory/LibDem  coalition can continue with any authority or honour. The fundamental principle of  Cabinet Government is one of collective responsibility. It has always been the case that when our Prime Minister has gone to an international congress he has been mandated, and when he has taken a decision that he believes is essential to British interests, he has been supported by his colleagues round the table. At least that’s how it’s worked until now, (Can we agree to forget about Clare Short?) until the deputy PM went on telly and disowned Dave Cameron’s veto of a European stitch-up conceived by two shifty political bullies who put their own national, and personal interests above everything else.

In times gone past, after disowning his boss Nick Clegg would have been on the back benches before the day was out. Indeed, a man of honour would have resigned, but I don’t expect that to happen today. No, I expect the LibDem leader and his slippery colleagues to continue in posts to which they should never have been appointed, given that for all their ballyhoo and posturing during the last General election, they actually finished a distant third.

How can they do this? Simples. On September 15, four days after the tenth anniversary of the Twin Towers outrage, another assault on democracy slipped by un-noticed. That was the day on which the Fixed-term Parliaments Act received Royal Assent. Under its provisions, the date of the next UK General Election has been set as May 7, 2015, with subsequent polls at five-year intervals thereafter. Early elections can be held only if two thirds of the House agree, without division, or if the sitting government loses the confidence of the House and no successor is confirmed within fourteen days.

In the present circumstances there are four scenarios;

1) Cameron sacks all the LibDems and goes it alone, daring the rest to bring him down.

2) Clegg takes his people out and leads his tiny army across the floor in the hope of buying renewed power in a Coalition deal with Labour.

3) The ill-fitting Coalition carries on as it is.

4) The Tories and Labour agree, and it would take their combined vote, to dissolve this parliament. (By the way, it would also involve a considerable number of turkeys voting for Christmas.)

Which of these will happen? It’s No 3 until someone has the balls to do something different.

What, other than immediate Scottish independence,  would I like to happen?

Well, frankly, I’ve had enough of Nick Clegg, the teenage arsonist, of Chris Huhne, who knows how to make a point or  three, of Councillor Vince Cable, wizened seer and man of four political parties in his lifetime, of Danny Boy Alexander, the political equivalent of Scooter the Gopher, and of all the rest of them, apart, maybe, from Paddy Ashdown and Charlie Kennedy. Last year’s new dawn in British politics has grown into a pretty rainy day, and it’s time to put up an umbrella. Westminster needs strong, clear and decisive government, of whatever hue, but not, definitely not, multi-coloured. Therefore I would favour another election, soon, probably in February.

Will that happen? I doubt it; the Tories would sweep in on a tide of Euroscepticism, and Labour know it. Hey, Alex! Any chance of bringing the referendum forward?

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