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If you are up and about at 07:30 GMT, have satellite TV and are bored by what’s on offer on the top channels at that time, try tuning to Russia Today. Three times a week you will find a programme called The Keiser Report, hosted by an American named Max Keiser. Max seems to be impervious to civil law on defamation. Latterly he’s been making a career out of being outrageous, and in RT he seems to have found the perfect platform, after earlier forays on Al Jazeera English and on the BBC World Service. RT gives him half an hour to say more or less what he likes about the global financial system, although curiously, he seems to omit anything Russian from his constant stream of accusation and allegation.

His technique is simple, he talks so fast and fires so many accusations that it’s impossible to analyse them all, and so the tendency is simply to say ‘Wow, I never knew that,’ and move on with him to the next. As we all know, the US  financial system is based on piracy and fraud . . . well, that’s what Max says, although he omits to mention that as a stockbroker he was one of those piratical fraudsters himself. Indeed as we all no the word ‘Yankee’ is derived from a  word meaning pirate . . .well, that’s what Max says, but you won’t find authority for that claim anywhere. He has a side-kick too, a flat faced  fellow American called Stacy Herbert who is described as an ‘analyst’ when in reality she is his straight woman, Abbott to his Costello.

As morning entertainment, it’s pretty funny, but if you want to catch it, you’d better hurry. If the world really is as Max says, he may not have long to live.

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