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Watched the BAFTAs last night. Welcome back Stephen Fry, who added a touch of class and levity to the proceedings, (Much more so than Jonathan Woss) but I found myself rather annoyed by the odd way in which a couple of the awards were distributed. Giving Best Screenplay to a silent film? I can see the logic but I found myself asking was it a screenplay as such? Surely not, I’d suggest; if there was an award for director’s notes, fine. There ain’t, but surely that’s no reason to bend the rules.I haven’t seen The Artist, so I can’t comment on its merits, but I do know this; it is not an original idea.  Thirty-six years ago, the great Mel Brooks created this:
Didn’t win a bloody thing at the time but IMHO it should have. I have it at home on BluRay. when The Artist is released, I’ll watch them both and look for similarities. However, I thought Jean Desjardins’ acceptance speech was perfect; short but brilliant. As is Martin Scorsese, but until they played that montage of his work I hadn’t realised how violent it almost invariably is.
Then there was Meryl Streep. Much as I like her, and again I haven’t seen the film, it strikes me that her Maggie was more impersonation than acting.
Finally there was the Orange Bafta Rising Star award. Dunno about the winner, I’ve never heard of him, but the presenter would have walked away with the Asset Management category, if it existed.
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