A Spanish painter of rare talent.

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  1. Anna Barnes
    March 13, 2012 at 11:02 pm

    Hi there Mr. Jardine this week has been very exciting for me, not only have I bought a sculpture by your favouite Catalan artist in our local art gallery in Morpeth, Tallantyres, who have recognised his genius for the last ten years – it’s a model of Sagitarrius – but we are booked to spend a week in L’Escala in May in a beautiful hotel on a beach a few minutes away from the town and they allow me to smoke!!!!

    Don’t worry I realy am not a stalker but someone who loves great art and ancient Greek ruins. Thankyou for telling me about them both.

    I also am a devotee of ancient Etruscan tombs, great museum in Volterra in Tusany, however I am in love with my sculpture. I think he could be the best since Rodin.

    Most modern art passes me by but what do you think of our modern bridges? I think they are the best thing we are doing at the moment. The Millenium bridge in Newcastle is a fabulous example though I also love the one across the Thames by St. Pauls. Isambard Brunel would be inpressed I think.

    • March 14, 2012 at 11:26 am

      Which artist would that be? I don’t recognise any names on the gallery’s list. As for modern bridges, I prefer tunnels I’m afraid, although the Millenium Bridge over the Tyne makes a nice contrast to the scale model of Sydney Harbour Bridge just up-stream.

      I reckon I know the hotel you’re booked into; I’m sure you’re like it, and not only because it’s bang next door to the ancient Greek ruins. They may allow you to smoke in your room, but nowhere else indoors, not any more. Now I can go to my favourite restaurant without being annoyed by punters at the next table smoking while I’m eating. Magic.

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