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Snooker loopy

I haven’t been following the World Snooker Championships very closely since Stephen Hendry was knocked out, but I did note  the result, and also the fact that the beaten finalist, Ali Carter, suffers from a condition known as Crohn’s Disease. That prompted me to do a little research into the condition. As a result, Mr Carter is something of a hero in my eyes. And so, for different reasons is Ronnie O’Sullivan, a guy whose family background reads like an Eastenders plot line, but who seems finally to have arrived at a good place. All the more sad then, that these two men, at the top of their sport, face being driven from it by the intransigence of Barry Hearn, snooker’s Gauleiter, whose grand plan for the game will require everyone to play 27 tournaments each year in global locations, often in cubicles with nobody watching.

Already Stephen Hendry has quit, prematurely in most people’s eyes, O’Sullivan is taking a six month break, and Carter’s medical condition, which is incurable, will never stand up, surely, to the rigours of  the new circuit. Mr Hearn was quoted only last week as saying that it was all part of being a professional and that he couldn’t care less about players’ concerns. Two years ago, Mr Hearn took a controlling interest in World Snooker Limited, the game’s commercial arm. Then he was seen as its saviour. Now it seems, snooker needs someone to save it from him.

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  1. Sam
    November 6, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    Surely he cannot decide this by himself? Surely there are other officials who get to have their say – and the players themselves should, too. Let’s hope he’s shot down in flames.

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