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I like to believe that you’re never too old to learn, and every so often I prove it to myself.

Today, for example, thanks to an ad in the Herald, I have discovered that there are entities known as ‘third sector interfaces’. According to Voluntary Action Scotland, which is looking to recruit a chief executive, there are 32 of them. But what are they? I’ve read the ad and I’m still not clear about that, only that they handle an annual £50m in turnover. This takes me back to my Scottish Office days in the 70s, when institutionalised Social Work was in its infancy, but advanced enough to have formed its own cabal of central government advisers, who took themselves very seriously. It was very obvious to me then that those people carried their own secret dictionaries around with them, filled with words and phrases that nobody else understood, a smokescreen of bullshit behind which they could hide. It is obvious to me today that nothing has changed.

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