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Penn State

I’m grateful to Patricia Wright, a regular correspondent from Arizona, for alerting me to the aftermath of the notorious sex abuse case brought against a former college football coach, Jerry Sandusky. The case itself made international headlines with his conviction, but what followed has  slipped under the radar outside the US. Wikipedia may be a dodgy witness at times, but the following piece is very well sourced, and explains it all in detail.


I’m with college football’s ruling body in fining the university involved, but I’m still trying to get my head round the logic in ‘vacating’ the results of 111 football games. Punish the guilty and those who covered up his actions, by all means, but how can it be right or fair to extend that sanction to take in the players involved, who were at best innocent parties, and at worst, potential victims? I can’t work it out, can you?

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