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I’ve just seen a shocking report on Sky Sports News, not hitherto famous for its investigative journalism, into racist behaviour among English football crowds. Cynics might say ‘So what’s new?’, but well done to Sky for finally putting a couple of faces to the story.

The club involved, Millwall, has reacted with as much shock as everyone else, and has promised to ban the perpetrators for life, but what good will that do, if that is all the action that’s taken? Not a lot; guys like that are more interested in hatred than football and will always find a place to let it all out. Today the New Den, tomorrow Upton Park. It seems that the section of stand where these people operated, close to  the opposing team’s technical area, was sufficiently notorious for Sky to target it. If they want to be seen to be making a difference, Millwall FC might consider closing that part of their ground, before the FA decides it has to go further to satisfy public outrage, and closes the whole place.

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  1. Alison
    February 12, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    Frankly some of these grounds need not only great areas closing, but salt throwing on them as well just to make sure that nothing unwanted comes back. I wonder how much of it is a ‘gang mentality’ thing – get a lot of people together and they egg each other on. I find it so hard to believe that one person suddenly starts to do this kind of thing spontaneously. Or if they do, do they believe/hope that other people in the crowd will follow them? It does seem to be rearing its ugly head a bit too much recently.

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