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The DCMS are duplicitous, fraudulent bastards

A few months ago, the government launched a consultation on its proposal that the Public Lending Right office in Stockton should be closed, and its functions transferred to a new department within the British Library. Out of  out of 1015 views expressed by stakeholders, 948, me among them, said firmly that the PLR office is efficient, excellent and popular, and that  it should be left alone. Today the Department for Culture Media and Sport published its response, a vigorous thumb of the nose to all but the 67 who agreed with it.


The process has been a sham, and the civil service has had its way as usual. Come the revolution, bruvvers . . .

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  1. Brian Campbell
    March 28, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    And all for what?. According to the report the PLR employs 8.74 people. Efficiencies must mean job losses. Say a saving of 10%. ie £78k. The salary of a Grade 5 civil servant. Better to get rid of the guy who dreams up these “savings”. Stockton has suffered enough. In the sixties 25% of its fabulous Georgian High street inluding the home of John Walker, the inventor of the friction match was torn down by the Labour Council and replaced with a concrete edifice containing the usual big name shops. Enough!

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