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Fridges to Eskimos

I don’t watch a lot of daytime TV. Most of it is too cheap and cheerful to hold my attention for long, but there are a couple of exceptions. One is Bargain Hunt, on BBC1. I rarely watch it all the way through, usually tuning in for the business end when the two teams, Reds and Blues, find out how just sharp their three buys at antique fairs have actually been, when they’re sold at auction.

Regular viewers will know that break even is a good result; somewhere in the world there will be an anorak who could tell you what the average score actually is, but my guess is that it would be in double figures and would have a minus in front of it. But analyse it more deeply, to produce stats for each of the auctioneers who feature regularly and that would vary. For there is one who stands out head and shoulders from the rest . . . metaphorically, for she’s not very tall.

Those contestants who are lucky enough to have their choices sold by Anita Manning, at Great Western Auctions in Glasgow, are on a winner from the off. I can’t remember a show where Anita didn’t return a profit for the teams on the majority of items, and in one I watched last week, she was in the plus column with eight items out of eight. I need to move on some paintings soon to create some wall space. I know where they’re going.

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