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There is a predator in Scottish football, and it’s called Rangers. I had hoped that last year’s turmoil would have put a little humility in the soul of the newborn club, and that it would be a little more considerate in its treatment of others. In years gone by, the Old Firm have seen the other Scottish clubs as mere breeding grounds. Celtic seem to have moved on from that, but not so New Rangers.

Even though the club is banned from the transfer market until September, pre-contract agreements are in place already with players poached from four Scottish sides. Trust me, there will be more, even though the Ibrox club will play next season in the third tier of the football league. The club was bust last year and it has still to prove that it is financially stable once more, but the old attitudes and practices of the Murray era remain, and money is being spent that only one other Scottish club could match and no Division Two side could possibly justify.

If that sounds bitter and jealous it probably is, but when our national game needs stability and quality more than ever before,  it irks me that the bloody great cuckoo in the nest in Edmiston Drive is doing its best to undermine it.



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  1. May 30, 2013 at 11:47 am

    Money has ruined football (in my opinion) I walked away from it as a spectator a lot of years ago. I used to regularly make the journey to watch my team in the North, but I can no longer justify the price it costs to travel and pay for a ticket that ultimately funds lavish lifestyles. Meantime I was not being hugely entertained by what was happening on the pitch like I used to be by some great characters of the game.

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